What Are Some Good Words of Remembrance for a Funeral?

Some good words of remembrance for a funeral are that memories of the deceased person live on and that the person’s spirit made others smile. Other words of remembrance for a funeral say that the deceased person worked hard for his loved ones.

Words of remembrance say that grieving loved ones can look forward to reuniting with the deceased in the future. The deceased person is in heaven and one day, God plans to reconnect loved ones, the words of remembrance say. Loved ones treasure memories of the deceased, and the memories are kind and loving. The words wish blessings for everyone until the day of reunification.

Edgar A. Guest’s poem “Because He Lived” offers words of remembrance for a funeral because the poem talks about the ways in which a deceased person gave happiness to others. The person’s presence made a neighbor child smile, and a woman looked forward to the small amounts of money that the man shared with her. The man grew beautiful flowers. The man’s spirit was never haughty or proud, and the man improved the lives of those he encountered.

Similarly, in the poem, “You Toiled So Hard for Those You Loved,” the words of remembrance say that the person worked hard on Earth but always had a gentle spirit. The words promise that loved ones continue to remember the deceased person’s spirit. The person’s death causes heartache, and as time goes on the heartache gets worse, not better. While no person can replace the deceased person, he lived a life of love and always did his best to help others.