What Is a Good Western Font?

Popular Western-style fonts include Rio Grande, Cowboy Movie, Fisticuffs, Mesquite Std Medium, Lost Saloon and Outlaw. Some software, including Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office, have pre-installed Western-style fonts, including Ironwood, Playbill, Pepperwood Std Fill, Goudy Stout and Zebrawood.

There are numerous Western-style fonts in bitmap, outline and stroke formats available for free or as a paid download from font-related and web design websites, including Urban Fonts and 1001 Fonts. Because computer fonts may be protected by trademarks, patents or copyrights, it’s important to determine the exact usage rights available for free and paid fonts. Separate licenses or specific permission may need to be obtained from a font creator when a font is used in a logo or for other commercial purposes.