What Are Some Good Ways to Learn About the Quran?


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Good ways to learn about the Quran include reciting verses from the Quran, learning Arabic vocabulary lists and listening to Quran verses on an mp3 player. These methods allow students to increase their fluency in reading the Quran in Arabic, as well as their overall understanding of the book.

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Islam considers memorizing the Quran a virtuous deed. Students must memorize the Quran with sincerity and to please Allah, rather than to impress others. Reciting Quranic verses helps students with retention as they memorize the book. Some students recite verses while performing everyday tasks or after the five daily prayers. Others find that reciting one page twice in the morning and twice in the evening helps with retention, rather than reciting four separate pages. A Tajweed teacher can correct students' grammar during recitation.

Students should learn Arabic vocabulary lists to understand the Quran. If students learn 300 words, they can understand 70 percent of the book. Recitation speeds increase when students recognize common words. Students can learn most of the Quranic vocabulary by memorizing five to 10 Arabic words per day for one month.

Students can download a recitation of the Quran to their mp3 players. They can listen to the recitation while they read along in their Quran. Students can follow the text with their fingers to improve retention.

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