What Are Some Good Ways to Conquer Childhood Fears?


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Some ways to conquer childhood fears include facing the fears gradually and repeatedly, learning and practicing some relaxation techniques, and learning to challenge negative thoughts. Seek professional help if a fear causes intense and disabling anxiety or if avoidance of the phobia causes significant distress.

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Most fears develop in childhood and progress or dissipate as individuals reach certain ages. One of the main ways of conquering fear is to gradually and repeatedly expose yourself to the situation that causes fear. With each exposure, you should feel more confident than before and the fear begins to lose its power. To conquer a fear, begin by exposing yourself to a situation that you can handle, such as looking at images that contain the source of the fear, and work your way up the fear ladder through practice.

Relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises, can lessen feelings of anxiety and enable you to conquer your fears. Practice breathing slowly and deeply from the abdomen until you are able to use the technique in stressful situations. Challenging anxious thoughts that magnify fears can enable you to cope with your fears. To challenge negative thoughts, list these thoughts, evaluate them rationally and develop positive coping statements to use when faced by the fear.

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