What Is a Good Way to Learn About the Life and Teachings of Muhammad?


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The PBS website offers a page titled The Life of Muhammad that provides a timeline of Muhammad's life from his birth in 570 to his death in June 632 with explanations of important milestones by year. The website additionally offers summaries of his teachings organized by topic, including topics such as the Quran, women and violence.

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The section on Muhammad's life on PBS.org is part of the Islam Project, which provides community outreach and education on Islam and Islam-related topics. The information on the website is also available in a PBS documentary called "Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet," produced by the Kikim Media and Unity Productions Foundation.

PBS.org offers a section entitled Learning Tools that provides links to other websites and a discussion forum for users to discuss Muhammad's life and teachings. The resources include websites dedicated to religious discussion as well as online social, legal and educational resources for Muslims.

Quran.com additionally makes available the full text of the Quran organized by chapter, with the original Arabic text placed alongside an English translation. Muslims view the Quran as the revelations received by Muhammad starting in 610. Reading the text of the Qur'an therefore provides insight into Muhammad's religious teachings.

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