What Are Some Good Thanksgiving Devotionals?


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Some good Thanksgiving devotionals are "Thanksgiving Devotional" and "Be Thankful for People." Another devotional that talks about finding gratitude in unusual ways is "The Unexpected Thanksgiving Feast."

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"Thanksgiving Devotional" talks about the origins of common traditions such as wedding bouquets. The devotional goes on to say that a person should find a way to appreciate any circumstance in her life. Individuals should offer God thanks for life's blessings.

"Be Thankful for People" encourages readers to appreciate other people and relationships instead of only material objects. The writer says that life is meaningless without interpersonal relationships. The devotional encourages readers to list people that deserve appreciation.

In "The Unexpected Thanksgiving Feast," the writer tells the story of a woman interacting with incarcerated people from a women's prison. The woman decided to cook a Thanksgiving meal for the incarcerated women. When they saw the food, some of the women cried, and others prayed for forgiveness. The devotional ends by encouraging readers to help the less fortunate and other people that cannot repay acts of kindness.

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