What Are Good Talk Show Interview Questions?

Questions for talk show interviews should be structured with different questions for the beginning, middle and end. The first set of questions are generally about the person being interviewed and often require biographical research. Typically, the guest is there for a reason, such as a new book or movie, and the middle is where discussion of the project itself occurs. The end is usually reserved for questions about future projects.

Biographical information questions often inquire about the guest’s background, including previous careers, politics, music preference or previous books, and typically open an interview. These questions can also be used to obtain interesting personal information about the guest, such as hobbies, achievements and interesting stories.

Questions in the middle of an interview should focus on what has brought the person being interviewed to the show. In the case of politicians, this is typically the campaign and their views, whereas authors may discuss their new book, the process of writing it and a little about the plot. Questions for musicians may revolve around a new album set for release.

The end of the interview is used to discover what the guest has planned for the future. For politicians, this could center around the next stop on the campaign tour or the upcoming election. Authors may discuss if they are working on the next book and if they are done with the popular characters, while musicians often talk about touring and what towns and venues they are playing.