What Is a Good Sweet Champagne?

Andy Roberts/OJO Images/Getty Images

An acclaimed good sweet Champagne is Ballatore Gran Spumante. Another sweet Champagne to try is Martini & Rossi’s Asti Sumanti. Both are made from Muscat white grapes grown around the Italian town of Asti.

The Ballatore Gran Spumante is a sweet and rather cheap sparkling wine made in California with imported grapes. This champagne won a Double Gold Medal at the 2005 California State Fair Wine Competition and won the Gold Medal at the San Diego International Wine Competition in 2012.

The Asti Sumanti by Martini & Rossi is a non-vintage sparkling wine from the Piedmont region of Italy.

Better Homes and Gardens recommends that readers looking for a sweet Champagne try Moscato, a white wine that has a softer bubbly quality and pairs well with desserts.

When looking for a sweet Champagne, avoid anything with brut on the label. Extra brut, brut sauvage, ultra brut, brut integral and brut zero are the driest of all champagnes. The most popular style is brut, a dry champagne. Extra dry and sec are dry to medium-dry to medium-sweet categories of flavor. The most commonly found sweet champagne style is labeled demi-see or demi-sec. An uncommon form of Champagne is the doux, which is very sweet.