What Are Some Good Sunday School Songs for Elementary Students?


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Some good Sunday school songs for elementary students are "Oh, You Can't Get to Heaven" and "The Crayon Box Song." Another good, upbeat Sunday school song for elementary students is "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy."

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"Oh, You Can't Get to Heaven" is a Sunday school song that describes all the ways a person can't get to heaven. Some of the ways are silly, such as on roller skates, because they make a person roll past the pearly gates, and in a rocking chair, because a rocking chair won't get there. Later on in the song, the singer seriously says to bring the singer along to heaven if someone else arrives in heaven first.

Similarly, "The Crayon Box Song" is a good Sunday school song for elementary-school students because the song talks about all the colors in the crayon box. The singer talks about a time as a child when his mother buys him a box of crayons. The child opens the box of crayons, and the crayons remind him of the salvation story. For example, red represents the blood of Jesus, blue represents Jesus' royalty, and yellow stands for the Christian that does not share the gospel. The song describes the child coloring until he uses up all of the crayons.

Written by George Cooke, "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy" is a question and answer song. The singer says that he has joy in his heart. When another person asks where the person keeps his joy, the singer repeatedly responds that his joy is down in his heart. The person goes on to say that he also has peace in his heart that provides understanding.

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