What Is a Good Substitute for Dijon Mustard?

Photo by FotoosVanRobin/Moment Open/Getty Images

Other varieties of mustard are appropriate substitutes for Dijon mustard in most recipes, but they alter the flavor profile. Yellow mustard makes the finished product more tart, while spicy mustard makes it spicier. Another option is to make a homemade Dijon-style mustard with sugar, water, mayonnaise, mustard and white wine.

Dijon mustard originates in Dijon, France, and dates back to 1856. Unlike many European specialty products, Dijon mustard is not a protected designation; legally, any product may label itself as Dijon mustard regardless of where it is produced. The primary difference between Dijon and other mustard varieties is the use of white wine in place of vinegar, making a smoother-tasting mustard.