What Is a Good Speech for an Elementary Graduation?

Laurie Sullivan/CC-BY 2.0

As with any good speech, the contents of the speech should be appropriate for the audience. Targeting what your audience would want to hear allows them to feel engaged by your speech. It is important to learn about your audience as much as possible.

The audience at an elementary graduation would be filled with proud parents, aunts, uncles, friends and grandparents. To make it interesting to them, talking about experiences that happened during the school year would be ideal. When writing a speech, a core message needs to be selected. This is what the speech will be based around. The core message needs to be selected to engage the audience of the speech. An elementary graduation speech core message could be focused on what the future holds for the young kids, what they excelled and learned through the year, and/or what could be done to make future classes better. A good speech needs to include an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction of a speech generally includes some sort of ‘ice breaker’, a funny story or a joke that puts the speaker at ease and engages the audiences right from the beginning. The body of the speech includes the main points needed to deliver the core message of the speech. The conclusion summarizes what was addressed in the speech.