What Are Some Good Shampoos to Use With Soft Water?

JackF/iStock/Getty Images

Some good shampoos to use with soft water include Lush Soft Shampoo Bar, Robert Craig Shampoo for Soft Water and Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars, all of which can be purchased at their respective websites or from select online retailers, as determined by PopSugar. Soft water has a high salt content and makes thoroughly rinsing regular shampoo out of the hair difficult. Soft water used with regular shampoo can cause build-up leaving hair weighed down, limp and lifeless.

Water can be tested to determine if it is hard or soft. Soft water is usually present if a river is the source of water while well water is generally hard. Soaps and shampoos formulated for use with soft water prevent the soap from adhering to the minerals and leaving deposits in the hair.