What Are Some Good Sermon Ideas for Children?


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Good sermon ideas for kids include teaching about prayer and sermons based on Bible stories such as the lost sheep and the lost coin. Other sermon ideas are about how God can change lives, through the story of Zacchaeus, and about the fact that little children are important to God and that He calls them to Him.

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Bible sermons work well with illustrations. To teach about prayer, first hold a phone to your ear, and pretend to have a conversation. Tell the other person that you are busy and cannot talk right now. Ask the children to identify their favorite people to talk to and whether those people have ever been too busy to talk to them. Bring in the Bible teaching about God never being too busy when they talk to Him in prayer.

To teach the Gospel lesson with the story of the lost coin and the lost sheep, hold up a coin, and ask the children what they would do if they had a coin and it was misplaced. Or, ask them what they would do if their pet ran away from home. Follow this with the lesson that God searched for us and sent His Son to Earth to find us and put us back in God's family.

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