What Are Some Good Remedies to Treat a Poison Ivy Rash?

Scott Carpenter/CC-BY 2.0

Some remedies to treat a poison ivy rash are washing the skin area with water, applying cold compresses, using aloe vera gel or witch hazel and taking a warm bath with a colloidal oatmeal product. After direct exposure to the oil released by a poison ivy plant, it is advisable to rinse the area with cold water or rubbing alcohol to remove this substance, suggests Dr. Andrew Weil.

Another way to treat poison ivy is to use an OTC lotion called Tecnu, notes Dr. Weil. It is also important not to scratch any blisters that form.

Applying a cold washcloth on the affected skin area can help to relieve any itching related to the exposure, states the American Academy of Dermatology. Similarly, some conventional ways to treat poison ivy is to use calamine lotion or antihistamines.

If someone has a severe reaction, which includes breathing problems, inflammation and swallowing difficulties, then he should seek immediate medical attention.