What Are Some Good Religious Bulletin Board Ideas?

What Are Some Good Religious Bulletin Board Ideas?

Some good religious bulletin board ideas are "Different People" and "I Am Special," and these bulletin boards focus on how God made all people important and unique. Additional religious bulletin board ideas are a Noah's Ark theme and a bulletin board that quotes the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 9:10.

The "Different People" bulletin board has a large picture of the world in the center of the bulletin board. Around the image of the world are pictures of many different types of people. The variety of people can include young and elderly people, individuals with physical challenges and people from different countries and races. Above the photos and the large image of the world is a caption that says that God made many different people but that He loves everyone the same.

For the "I Am Special" bulletin board, each child creates an image of herself. Under the image, each child writes a paragraph about the ways God made her special. The images sit on the bulletin board under a caption that says "I Am Special."

To create a bulletin board with a Noah's Ark theme, the creator can make an image of an ark and hang it on a blue background. Clouds and birds add embellishments for the theme. The design can have a variety of small animals sitting inside the ark or peering from a window. A large rainbow and a rainbow border complete the Noah's Ark theme.

In addition, a bulletin board based on the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 9:10 says that whatever a person finds to do, she should work at the task with all of her might. Colorful hand prints of children or cut-out hand prints surround the text. Smaller hand prints also create a border for the bulletin board.