What Are Some Good Psychology Experiment Topics?

Psychology experiments can explore processes behind human or animal learning, memory or behavior. Some good psychology experiment topics involve conformity, the Stroop effect, gender and memory.

Conformity refers to people’s change in belief as a response to the presence of others or in compliance with social norms. In such an experiment, a psychologist can inform an instructor and all the students except for one that they are part of a psychological research study. The instructor would ask several students to say what 4 plus 3 equals. Before the class begins, the psychologist has asked these students to provide the same incorrect answer. When the teacher finally poses the same question to the unwitting student, is she going to provide the correct answer or go along with the response that the rest of the group seems to agree with?

The Stroop effect is the psychological phenomenon in which it is much easier to say the color of a word if it does not conflict with the semantic meaning of the word. A good psychology experiment topic could involve asking subjects to say the color of the word “blue” when it is printed in blue and when it is printed in green.

Finally, questions about gender and memory are good topics. Researchers can try to find out whether gender has an influence on short- and long-term memory. They can also discover whether men and women are better at recalling specific types of information.