What Is a Good Project on Consumer Awareness?


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A good project on consumer awareness helps support consumer awareness education and research. It encourages new research or artistic success that can improve consumer awareness. A good project encourages development of the relevant curriculum as well as strives for the involvement of students.

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Good projects on consumer awareness follow certain procedures. Faculty members form a committee that evaluates project proposals. The committee considers different factors such as the extent to which the proposal improves consumer awareness research and education, quality, feasibility, merits and adequacy of the project as well as the expected benefits to the school or college, applicant's department and its members.

The various examples of eligible projects include organization of pilot projects, investigations of field research or relevant literature, gaining access to computer time, specialized equipment or research facilities, working with an experienced researcher or scholar to improve professional skills that facilitate an applicant’s own scholarship, research or instruction. Another eligible project is to enroll for courses, workshops and seminars as a learner to enhance and incorporate an identifiable source of new material.

Therefore, a good project has its full description, eligibility, criteria, and examples of the eligible tasks, review process, time span and the final progress outlined.

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