What Are Some Good Prayers for Strength?

What Are Some Good Prayers for Strength?

Some good prayers for strength are "A Prayer for Strength" by Rebecca Barlow Jordan and "Prayer for Healing and Strength." Additional prayers for strength that come directly from the Bible are found in Philippians 4:13 and Ephesians 6:10. These Biblical prayers ask for God's power and might.

Jordan's prayer talks about how life often puts pressure on her and makes her feel trapped. The prayer says that God's joy provides strength. Requests include asking God to lift the person up, remove their weaknesses and provide strength. The praying person states that they knows they need God's strength when they are afraid, fearful or selfish. Jordan asks God to renew her strength and walk beside her, removing obstacles in her path.

"Prayer for Healing and Strength" thanks God for sending Jesus to bring eternal life. The prayer also thanks God for sending his spirit in order to dwell in the life of the person offering the prayer. The prayer's petition is for God's power as well as his strength. All things are possible with God's help, the prayer says. In closing, the prayer asks God to allow them to receive God's blessings in the current hour and every hour.

Philippians 4:13 prays that a person can do all things. The person's strength comes from God. Similarly, Ephesians 6:10 prays that a person is strong in the Lord, because God is powerful and mighty. The verses offer a prayer that a person stands strong in God's mighty power.

The verses from Ephesians compare God's might to a soldier's armor. For example, the verse says that a Christian has a belt that stands for truth and a helmet of salvation. The verses pray that a Christian stands confident because God's strength provides them with spiritual armor.