What Are Some Good Pranks to Pull on Someone's Dad?

Some good pranks to pull on a dad include swapping his clothes out, taping a spray nozzle on a sink and using an extra TV remote. When playing a prank on a parent, the son or daughter should keep in mind that there may be dire consequences to pulling a prank. Hopefully, the parent will see that it is all in good fun.

To swap out clothes, the child can purchase some articles of clothing that look just like the father's, except they would be one or two sizes smaller. This could be an expensive prank, so just a few favorite articles of clothing should be chosen. When the dad puts on the clothes, he will wonder why all of his clothes are just a bit too small.

A good trick to catch a dad if he is the first person out of the house in the morning is the faucet trick. If the sink has a spray nozzle, it can be taped to itself so that when Dad turns the water on for his morning coffee, the spray will get him in the face.

Using an extra remote is also a great trick to play on dads. The son or daughter can buy the same remote that the dad uses, changing the channels on the television at an odd time when the dad is watching television.