What are some good Philippians Bible study questions?


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Some good Philippians Bible study questions, as illustrated by Grace Communion International and SimplyBible.com, ask "Is it easier to trust in God when a person is poor?" and "What terms describing church members are found in the book?" Free-Online-Bible-Study.com provides additional questions such as "Should Christians be afraid to die?" and "What are some reasons for joy in Philippians?"

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In Philippians 1:1,12, church members are described as saints and brethren. Grace Communion International asks if it is easier to trust God as Christians when money is tight. In verse 12, Paul talks about having everything he needed in every circumstance, whether poor or not, whether in jail or free. He further says that Christ enables Christians to be strong through their circumstances, not necessarily to free themselves from said circumstances. It also talks about those with wealth finding it easier to trust in money instead of God.

The question of whether Christians should be afraid to die is answered through the fact that heaven is promised to be free of sin and suffering. Philippians also gives multiple reasons for joy in chapter one. In verse four, it talks about joy through prayer. In verse 25, joy through faith is mentioned, followed by the joy of Christ Jesus in verse 26.

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