What Are Some Good Luck Symbols From Around the World?

Some good luck symbols from around the world include ladybugs, four-leaf clovers, horseshoes and triangles. Other lucky symbols include the "ankh" symbol, "Eye of Horace" and scarabs. Lucky animal symbols and totems include frogs, tigers and fish.

Four leaf clovers are a lucky symbol originating from Europe. The four leaves represent the different aspects of prosperity fame, wealth, love and health.

Superstitions revolving around the ladybug include that if one lands on a person, they should count the number of spots on the bug's back. The number of spots indicate how many months of good luck that person can experience. Another belief is that when a ladybug lands on a person's hand, they should make a wish.

Horseshoes are common in Western culture, Islamic art and Egyptian iconography. The tradition of hanging a horseshoe above a home's door dates back to the 16th century. Part of the myth surrounding lucky horseshoes involves the iron with which they are made. Iron is often considered an auspicious material. In Ancient Egypt, the horseshoe was considered lucky because it resembles the crescent moon.

Triangles are another lucky symbol used in Ancient Egypt and in modern Western culture. The three sides of the triangle represent birth, maturity and death, the cycle of life.