How Do You Get Good Luck?

How Do You Get Good Luck?

Some methods to increase good luck include positive thinking, positive visualization, affirmations and Feng shui. Although luck is commonly thought of as a natural quality, changes in attitude and outlook can often help attract positive circumstances.

One of the simplest ways to increase luck is by thinking positively. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of life, attempt to hone in on the positives. This change in perception can help cut down on negative feelings and attract positive ones. Thinking positively can also help relieve stress and even increase lifespan.

Positive visualization is another technique to increase good luck. By envisioning favorable outcomes, it becomes easier to recognize the steps necessary to achieve those outcomes. Positive visualization also leads to a corresponding increase in positive feelings, which can help attract better luck.

Similar to positive visualization, affirmations help reinforce lucky thinking and contribute to self-confidence. Affirmations are declarations of positive characteristics, delivered in first person and present tense, such as "I am smart" or "I am happy." Affirmations subconsciously reinforce the idea of success, helping to increase positive thoughts and good luck.

The ancient Chinese art of Feng shui can improve productivity and health as well as luck. Feng shui focuses on organizing the home and other spaces in a way that increases harmony. Feng shui increases luck by better orienting spaces to receive positive energy.