What Are Some Good Liturgy Readings for Mass?


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Within the Roman Catholic church, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops publishes a daily set of readings from the Lectionary for Mass for Use in the Dioceses of the United States. This is available in print form, but it is conveniently presented for daily use on the website of the organization.

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The liturgy for each day provided by the Church features a segment from the Old Testament or the non-Gospel books of the New Testament, a Psalm and a reading from the Gospels. Additionally, a scriptural Alleluia may be included if it is appropriate for a particular Feast day or Saint's day, though this space is usually taken by a generic alleluia.

Each day in the liturgical year has certain sets of scripture associated with it, and good liturgy readings for daily Mass reflect this. There are separate cycles of readings for weekdays and Sundays, and this is also reflected in the lectionary. By following the lectionary during Ordinary Time, that is, the portion of the year not associated with important Church feasts such as Christmas and Easter, the entirety of the Bible is covered throughout the course of a few years or cycles. However, there is no reason that additional texts cannot be added to any given service, particularly as the focus of a homily.

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