What Are Some Good Lectionary Sermon Ideas for Kids?


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Some good lectionary sermon ideas for kids include the "I'll Do Better Next Time" and the "Be One" sermons. Lectionary sermons are designed to provide children with a way to connect more closely with the lessons in the Bible and learn how they are applicable to everyday life events and thoughts.

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The "I'll Do Better Next Time" sermon is meant to convey God's patience and how it permeates different facets of modern life. To present this sermon, draw a picture of a house, landscape and tree on a blank piece of paper using crayons, but make errors in the details of the drawing, such as the roof being upside down or the sun being square. During class, encourage the students to point out these errors, and tell them that you plan on doing better next time. This lesson conveys that though things may seem wrong, they are never broken forever, and there is always a next time to make them better.

The "Be One" lesson requires 100 pennies, 20 nickels, 10 dimes, 4 quarters and a single dollar bill for class. Show the students that no matter how many combinations there are, it is possible for them all to equal exactly one dollar, and that the same lesson applies to people of all faiths and denominations.

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