What Is a Good Learning Environment?

A good learning environment is one that has a positive influence on kids and young adults. This can be realized by promoting equality and inclusion through methodologies aimed at encouraging positive relationships and behavior.

A good learning environment is achieved by selecting an appropriate location of study. Generally the study room or classroom must be comfortable, quiet, well ventilated and free from distraction. Whereas some people are able to study or concentrate in a room with slow music in the background, others prefer a totally quiet environment. In addition, establishing a routine with scheduled times and steady expectations of achievements after a specific period enhances the learning environment. However, the learning program has to accommodate some flexibility to avoid disruptions. Set realistic expectations for learners to avoid putting too much strain on the learners. A good learning environment must be free from activities and objects that may compete for the learner’s stimuli. Although different teachers have different standards and values, their core values must be consistent. This ensures that learners are aware of what is expected of them.

Creating a positive ambiance within learning a environment enhances learning. This is achieved by making a classroom into a dynamic and engaging place for learners. A teacher who is ready to learn from the students makes learning environment an enjoyable place. A good teacher values questions from the students and tries to answer them positively.