What Are Some Good Leadership Qualities?

good-leadership-qualities Credit: Tsyhun/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Opinions about good leadership qualities vary; however, honesty, good communication, confidence and the ability to inspire are some qualities commonly attributed to good leadership. Additional qualities include creativity, a positive attitude and commitment.

Establishing core values, such as honesty and respectfulness, and encouraging the team to follow these values by setting an example is a mark of a good leader. Good leaders also know how to communicate effectively by making themselves available, listening and articulating themselves clearly. Confidence is also essential to good leadership. When times are tough a good leader is able to keep the team calm and on track by staying focused on the end goal and avoiding panic.

Quality leadership also requires the ability to inspire a team to be passionate about the vision and mission of the job. Leaders are able to develop creative and innovative solutions to unexpected and complicated problems and maintain a light hearted and positive attitude in the workplace. Effective leaders understand the importance of creating an environment where employees feel comfortable and excited to work, and having a good sense of humor contributes to such an atmosphere. Exemplary leaders also demonstrate commitment by working hard, keeping their word and delegating tasks when necessary.