What Are Some Good LDS Activity Day Ideas?

Good ideas for an LDS Activity Day include Pioneer Trivia and a faith in God treasure hunt. Other activities include making prayer rugs and competing in an Articles of Faith tournament.

A question board and answer code for Pioneer Trivia are available on the Activity Days for Fun website. To play Pioneer Trivia, split the group into two teams. Teams take turns choosing a category and point value. Answering the question correctly awards the team with the corresponding amount of points. The website also offers a Pioneer Board for teams to keep score on.

To prepare the faith in God treasure hunt, wrap 10 mini candy bars per participant in the faith in God candy wrappers found on the Activity Days for Fun website. At the beginning of the activity, give participants a treasure map and ask them to hunt for the pieces of treasure. Participants mark the treasures they find off the treasure map until all of them are located. After the hunt is over, present the participants with a certificate.

To make prayer rugs, gather carpet samples, and have participants paint the word "pray" on them. Let participants add their own decoration to their rugs. Prayer rugs remind their owners to pray and give them something to kneel on.

An Articles of Faith tournament is a fun way to teach the Articles of Faith. The tournament has six stations that participants rotate between. Stations include a word search, flash cards, matching game, quiz and cross word. The sixth station is the pass off station, where the leaders sit. The Activity Days for Fun website provides resources for this activity.