What Are Some Good Jokes About Braces?

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Good braces jokes often rely on clever puns or word play, as exemplified by this joke: “What does a dentist do during an earthquake?” The response: “He braces himself!”

One funny joke about braces refers to the common stereotype of the dumb blonde. In this exchange, the dentist tells a blonde patient that she needs braces. In response she asks “But why? I can walk perfectly fine!” The dentist explains to her that braces are for her teeth and not for her feet, but then she protests, saying that “My teeth don’t walk!”

Other jokes about braces include “Why did the deer need braces?” The answer: “Because he had buck teeth!” One joke mocks the expense of braces. A patient inquires about the cost of getting braces. The dentist tells the patient that the total cost is approximately $15,000. The patient immediately gets up and leaves. The dentist asks him “Where are you going?” The patient replies matter-of-factly: “To the plastic surgeon to get my mouth bent!” The joke here is that the cost of orthodontics is so high that it would be less expensive to alter ones mouth to match the direction of her teeth than to straighten them.