What Are Some Good Ideas for Award Names?

For office environments, creative award options include “Outside the Box Thinker” and “Office Lunch Expert.” “Friendly Friend,” “Handwriting Hero” or “Team Leader” are some options to acknowledge talents and abilities of children. Comedic options include “Duct Tape Award,” “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Award” and “Head in the Sand Award.”

The “Outside of the Box Thinker” award is one that can be given to employees that form unique solutions to problems. The “Office Lunch Expert” is an award that can be given to employees who know the best places to eat near the workplace. Other options include “The Risk Taker” for employees who aren’t scared to try something new for the team and “The Human Handbook” for employees who are always up-to-date with the rules and regulations of the company.

For children, the “Friendly Friend” award acknowledges a child’s kind and nurturing personality. The “Handwriting Hero” award acknowledges a child’s amicable handwriting skills. The “Team Leader” award acknowledges a child’s ability to lead a team and work cooperatively. Other options include “Aspiring Author” to acknowledge writing skills, “Bookworm” to acknowledge reading skills and “Math Whiz” to acknowledge mathematical skills.

The “Duct Tape Award” is a humorous way to acknowledge those who are able to fix everything. The “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Award” is to acknowledge those who are the most eager to finish work. The “Head in the Sand” award is a way to acknowledge those who are always clueless as to their company’s general operations.