What Is a Good Icing for Cake Pops?

Just about any icing or frosting can be applied to cake pops. The best results come from using icing that is a little lighter, thinner and sets up firm. Candy melts, warmed buttercream and royal icing can all make good coatings and decorations.

Applying a coating to cake pops can be similar to chocolate dipping fruit or candy, using chocolate thinned with a small amount of shortening, or using candy melts. Cake pops can be dipped in for a smooth cover, or be drizzled with melted chocolate. Royal icing is made from powdered sugar, water or milk, and meringue powder or egg whites. It sets up very hard, and is good for piping designs. Another option is to take a can of store-bought frosting, microwave it in short intervals and stir it, so that it reaches a pouring consistency, and dip the cake pops in that.