What Are Some Good Icebreakers for Christians?

What Are Some Good Icebreakers for Christians?

Some good icebreakers for Christians include the "I Am Blessed" game and a Bible scavenger hunt. In addition, "Picture Me" is a game that requires participants to learn the names of others present. Another good icebreaker for Christians is to ask and answer personal questions that help Christians get to know each other.

For the "I Am Blessed" game, the first person stands up and tells the group a reason that she is blessed. The next person then shares a blessing, but she must share a different blessing than the first person. The game continues around the group.

To break the ice with a Bible scavenger hunt, groups have at least one Bible. The group leader gives the group references, people or stories in the Bible, and the group has to locate the applicable portion of the Bible as quickly as possible. Leaders can tailor this game to the ability level and age of the group members.

Another game that breaks the ice is called "Picture Me." In this game, each attendee puts her name into a hat or jar and pulls out another name. Members of the group then introduce themselves to others, one at a time. Group members then draw a picture of the person whose name they chose. Other group members guess the identity of the person depicted in each drawing.

Christians can also break the ice by asking and answering personal questions. For example, a member can share with the group what she loves doing more than anything else. The group can also share what question they want to ask God if given the chance.