What Are Some Good Hairstyles for Balding Women?

Good hairstyles for balding women include layered styles, especially those with shorter inner layers underneath longer layers to add volume, in addition to styles with waves added by Velcro or hot rollers, or a blow dryer and a round brush. Another good styling option is adding a lightweight mousse to the hair and blow drying the hair with the head flipped upside down to add lots of volume.

Both long and short hairstyles are options for women with thinning hair, but layers are essential for making the hair look thicker. Lightweight volume-enhancing styling products, such as mousse and whipped curl creams, also add a thicker appearance. Heavier products, such as gels and sculpting creams, weigh hair down and are therefore best avoided.

In addition to layers and volume-boosting styling methods, coloring the roots of the hair a shade darker than the rest of the hair gives the illusion of more hair coverage over the scalp. Having the dye applied by a professional experienced with thinning hair ensures the final product achieves the desired result.

Partial hairpieces and weaves provide additional coverage for more severe balding. Small toupee-style hair pieces blend in with natural hair to cover small bare patches on the scalp. A weave that matches the natural hair adds fullness when worked in close to the scalp.