What Are Some Good Fantasy Football Division Names?

Some good conference names include “Lucies and Ethels,” “12 Angry Men,” “The Selfies” and “”The Grandpa Corner.” One of the attractions of joining a fantasy football league is that team “owners” can still follow the real sport closely, while being part of an alternate league in which almost anything can happen and the unlikeliest teams can win.

Just as owners come up with creative and memorable names for their teams, league organizers may invent lively names for conferences and the league itself that reflect the spirit of the group of owners. In professional and college football, conferences and divisions are named by their geographic locations. However, even if the team owners of a fantasy football league are scattered all over the country, it is not a great strategy to follow the pro and college method of naming divisions. This only serves to depersonalize the league. Team owners, whether zany, frustrated, self-involved or approaching their senior years need to be reminded that part of the fun of the league is not only how the stats of the players create their own kind of competition in a virtual league, it is also that the fantasy league is not as serious as the real sport. Owners can have some fun at the expense of others and themselves. Few things accomplish this more efficiently than the naming of a group to reflect the individuals within it.