What Are Some Good Excel Practice Exercises?

Exercises for Microsoft Excel allow users to gain skill in areas such as formatting, data management, chart and graph creation, pivot tables, and cash flow forecasting. Practice exercises are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced users of various versions of Excel. Practice exercises typically include step-by-step instructions for processes and formulas, interactive spreadsheet guides, and screenshots of successfully completed steps and formulas.

Microsoft Excel exercises for beginners include topics such as formatting tables, inserting rows and columns, and changing font sizes. A typical practice exercise of this nature involves downloading a sample file with instructions and working to replicate the table or chart with the necessary formatting. Tables and charts give users practice with formatting, data entry, basic formulations, and inserting rows and columns into an existing workbook.

More difficult exercises include creating and retrieving data from pivot tables. These exercises give users practice creating and manipulating drop-down filters across multiple data points. The end result of a typical exercise for a pivot table is to be able to successfully filter the table for a particular set of data parameters. Microsoft Excel has similar functionality across all versions and releases, but some steps and data inputs vary from year to year.