What Are Some Good Examples of Wedding Toasts Given by the Mother of the Groom?

Andersen Ross/The Image Bank/Getty Images

An example of a good mother-of-the-groom toast is one that expresses the mother’s positive feelings about her son’s marriage. One of the duties of the mother of the groom is to thank the master of ceremonies at the beginning of the toast.

In her toast, the mother of the groom thanks everyone who helped make the wedding a successful event, including the bride’s family and any planners involved. Following this, the mother of the groom moves on to speak about her son, including funny or sweet anecdotes that relate to her son’s positive attributes. She can tell stories that nobody else knows to entertain the guests, as long as the stories are not overtly embarrassing or negative. This is an appropriate time to talk about how her son has changed for the better since meeting his bride. Following this, a traditional aspect of the toast includes welcoming the bride and her family into her family.

The toast is short to keep the guests engaged and to allow the event to flow well. Some things the mother of the groom avoids in the toast include any negative memories or any criticisms of the bride or the groom. The focus of the toast stays solely on the bride and groom and their future.