What Are Some Good Examples of Bible Devotions for Women?


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Some good examples of Bible devotions for women are "Loving the Unlovable" by Mary Southerland and "Splashes that Matter" by Theresa Moritz. Another devotion for women that ties Bible verses into life advice is "The True Meaning of Giving" by Keri Wyatt Kent.

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The devotional "Loving the Unlovable" focuses on the book of Matthew's verses that call on each person to love her enemies. The devotional goes on to say that a woman needs to pray for people she does not like. Southerland tells the story of living in a community of retired people with her young children. One couple constantly complained about Southerland's children. Even though the couple didn't like the children, the children made a Christmas card for the old couple to show kindness.

"Splashes That Matter" is another devotional that ties a Bible verse into advice for living. The devotional also discusses the verse in the Bible book of Matthew that says that what a person does for any person she does directly for God. Moritz tells a story of a child that spills cranberry juice all over her new white cabinets. She also talks about the many people that want her attention during the day. Mortiz warns readers not to be too busy during the day and instead to focus on interacting with others in a personal way.

Similarly, "The True Meaning of Giving" talks about the wise men's gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the baby Jesus. The devotional calls on readers to humbly accept gifts from others as well as to appreciatively accept God's gift of salvation. The devotion ends by asking readers to show generosity to others.

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