What Are Some Good Daily Inspirational Thoughts?


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Some good daily inspirational thoughts are to focus on love instead of hate and to spend life making an impact instead of just making an income. Additional daily inspirational thoughts include to take risks and live each day determined to accomplish tasks.

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One daily thought reminds a person to live for things she loves rather than against things that she hates. The thought implores each person to spend the day creating things with value and things that empower, rather than spending time on things that destroy. A person should spend her days accepting responsibility with a grateful heart, rather than blaming others for any particular situation.

Similarly, Kevin Kruse reminds people to live in a way that impacts the world rather than simply spending the day trying to make money. Albert Einstein said something similar when he said that one should strive to bring value to the world, rather than simply strive to achieve success. In addition, many daily quotes focus on being willing to take risks, such as Wayne Gretzky's quote that a person can't make a shot he doesn't take and Babe Ruth's quote that each strike out is one step closer to the next home run.

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