What Are Some Good Daily Affirmations to Improve Self-Esteem?


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Affirmations impact individuals differently; however, the following affirmations can boost self-esteem: I am unique; I am courageous; I am okay as I am. An individual does not have to believe the affirmations at first, just merely repeat them, according to Business Heroine Magazine.

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Additional daily affirmations for self-esteem include: I am successful right now; I am confident; I trust myself; I am optimistic; I am calm; I am kind and loving. The declaration, "Amazing opportunities exist for me in every aspect of my life," is also a good affirmation for increased self-esteem, states Business Heroine Magazine.

Statements that begin with "I choose" are more effective in boosting self-esteem than statements that begin with "I must" or "I have to." An individual should choose the affirmations that fit him best and are most appropriate for his situation, explains Business Heroine Magazine.

Positive daily affirmations create a new way of thinking, thereby increasing self-esteem and confidence, says Business Heroine Magazine. Through daily repetition, this new way of thinking takes root and diminishes negative beliefs. Long-term results don't occur overnight, but through continued contemplation of the statements and repetition, subconscious negative beliefs shift. An individual should repeat daily affirmations for self-esteem for at least one month.

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