What Is Good Citizenship?


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Good citizenship is a way of life in which one contributes to his nation by defending its institutions and applying his skills to the benefit of society. One of the requisites of good citizenship is education, which is necessary for a citizen to responsibly participate in his country's political processes.

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According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, citizenship comes with rights and responsibilities. A good citizen appreciates and takes full advantage of the rights; he fulfills the responsibilities to the utmost. The duties of citizenship include supporting the Constitution, staying informed about the issues that affect one's community, participating in democratic processes and serving jury duty when called upon. A good citizen upholds the law, including the payment of taxes. He is also willing to defend his country against physical threat should it arise.

The Citizenship Foundation of the United Kingdom asserts that citizenship consists in remaining civil and contributing to the order of society. A good citizen respects the rights, opinions and beliefs of others. If he disagrees with others or with the government, he does not resort to violence. Instead, he relies upon the political institutions and free speech at his disposal. Moreover, a good citizen has political courage--a willingness to stand up for what is right even when the surrounding majority is in opposition.

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