What Are Some Good Church Skits for Pastor's Day?


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Some good church skits for Pastor's Day include the "Heavenly Express" skit and "Birth of a Salesman." In the skit "Cover 2 Cover," people with problems come to seek help and Bible verses answer all of their problems and alleviate their worries and "Teacher Appreciation" is another skit to honor a pastor or church ministry volunteer.

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In the "Heavenly Express" skit, the set reveals a train. One by one, people come and try to board the train. Officials admit some to the train and turn others away. Eventually, someone explains that God paid the price of the ticket when his son died on Calvary.

In the "Birth of a Salesman" skit, a person standing in a crowded area meets a salesman who sells him on the promise of eternal life. This skit can involve a number of people who play crowd members and add funny jokes and one-liners in between the serious message.

In "Teacher Appreciation," a person portrays a church leader or teacher who is experiencing a bad day. Things keep going wrong and the teacher feels frustration and discouragement. Finally, the person prays for God's help. Then, things happen that encourage the teacher. For example, a parent calls to encourage the teacher and a child states that, because of the teacher's efforts, the child chose to accept Christianity. A person then tells the audience that the skit described an ordinary day in the life of a church ministry member who is also a superhero to the people she serves.

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