What Are Good Christian Values?

Christian values generally refer to the Ten Commandments, which are codes of moral conduct believed to have been handed down by God to Moses. Christian values are designed to be in line with these biblical standards of ethics and good behavior. ChristianBibleReference.org notes the center of Christian values is the Golden Rule, which is "do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Christian values seek to inspire goodness, honesty, love and integrity. Respecting elders and parents is a key value in Christianity. Followers of the religion are expected to show deference and to parents, teachers, and other adults.. Honesty is a very important Christian value and it is at the cornerstone of all other virtues. Christians believe that in order to be saved from sin, one must repent all wrongdoing to God and ask for forgiveness.

According to AdventistBookCenter.com, Christian values also include charity and humility. Acts of charity are thought to be an example of bestowing God's grace on another human being. Humility refers to maintaining a humble attitude and believing that all humans were created equally and should be treated with honor and respect. Above all, Christian values promote love and harmony among all men.