What Are Some Good Christian Bible Study Groups?


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Good Bible study groups include the online Womens Bible Cafe and Christian Singles located in Columbus, Ohio. Those seeking more Bible study groups can use Meetup.com to locate regional gatherings. The Hem of His Garment and Womens Bible Cafe both provide groups that communicate over the Internet.

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Meetup.com hosts a site for Bible study groups where a user can search by a radius centered around any city or postal code. Many types of Bible groups are available, including groups for young adults, hikers, pastors, quilters or single Christians to meet each other. The largest groups organized via this site have over 2,000 members, and area search results can be sorted by group size, as well as by formation date and distance.

Womens Bible Cafe's online study group makes use of Facebook to organize members and maintain regular schedules. Users log in from anywhere at planned times to comment and participate in conversations about prearranged discussion questions. The group is focused on women of any age, location or denomination. Anyone can start up a Bible study group, online or in person, to be more connected as a Christian community. What Christians Want to Know recommends several books to start discussions about, such as Andy Stanley's "Discovering God's Will" or Pam Gillespie's "Sweeter Than Chocolate."

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