What Are Some Good Children's Prayers to Teach a Young Daughter?


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There are many suitable prayers for young children on PrayerBook.com, including "A Child's Prayer for Morning," which is brief and memorable. It begins "My God, I offer to You this day all I think or do or say." It expresses desire to be good throughout the day and to remember Jesus Christ in all activities.

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The prayer "A Girl's Prayer" petitions God for help in growing to be a more faithful Christian. It begins "Dear God, help me today, at home, at school, at work, at play, to be Thy faithful follower." The prayer seeks aid in growing personally, physically and spiritually, and in maintaining purity of heart, peacefulness and patience. The speaker requests that God help her remain cheerful, even if life becomes difficult. It also asks God to help her grow into a good Christian woman, and to exhibit the qualities of gentleness, joy and truth throughout her life.

Children may pray for grace at meals, including the traditional prayer "For Happy Hearts." This rhyming four-line prayer thanks God for happiness and companionship as it blesses the meal. "Dinner Prayer for Children" helps young ones express thankfulness for friends, family and faith before meals. One of the most famous bedtime prayers for children begins "Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep."

Young girls who are interested in angels may prefer guardian angel prayers, in which the speaker seeks protection and guidance from angels. One such prayer opens with the line "Angels bless and angels keep / Angels guard me while I sleep." This traditional rhyming invocation is simple, but heartfelt, and may appeal to children who recite nightly prayers.

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