What Are Some Good Cabin Name Ideas?

Dave and Les Jacobs/Blend Images/Getty Images

Some common naming conventions for cabins include mixing and matching words provided by family members and using a derivative of the family’s last name. Another approach involves making columns of descriptive adjectives, nouns that exist in the environment and nouns that describe the cabin and using a combination.

One idea suggested by Lake Home & Cabin Show involves handing out pieces of paper and writing utensils to family members during a gathering. Each person writes down words that describe the vacation over the length of the stay. At the end of the gathering, all of the pieces of paper are put on a board and the family picks their favorite combination of the three words.

Another similar suggestion is to make three columns. The first includes descriptive adjectives that describe the environment of the cabin. The second includes plants, animals and other objects surrounding the cabin. The third involves different synonyms for the cabin, such as “cottage” or “lodge.” A name can then be chosen by choosing one word from each of the columns.

A random name generator is also available at Cottagesmith.com. Another option is to use a pun or other play on words involving the last name of the family that resides at the cabin.