What Are Some Good Breakup Spells?

Magic spells designed to break up a couple include the Black Candle Separation Spell, the To Cause Divorce or Break-up Spell, and the Love Breaker Spell, according to the MojoMoon Magick Shoppe. Individuals can choose a spell based on these factors: readily available materials, desired time frame for enaction, people the spell involves and the type of magic used.

The Black Candle Separation Spell requires a black candle, separation incense, a piece of paper and either a black mojo bag or access to running water. After the spell is cast, the black mojo bag may be placed in the path of the person the spellcaster wishes to remove from a relationship.

The To Cause Divorce or Break-up Spell is much simpler because it only requires two items: a picture of the couple that the spellcaster wishes to break up and an incantation.

In order for the Love Breaker Spell to work most effectively, it must be cast on a Tuesday or Saturday, while the moon is fading. This spell also requires two black candles, love breaker oil, separation powder and separation incense. The Love Breaker Spell calls for the spell to be cast multiple times, until the process runs completely through both black candles.