What Are Some Good Bible Studies on the Book of Isaiah?


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Some good Bible studies on the Book of Isaiah are Isaiah 52:13-53:12, which talks about "The Suffering Servant," and Isaiah 56, which talks about "Finding True Righteousness and Devotion." The Book of Isaiah is one of the books of the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament Christian Bible.

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Many scholars believe that Isaiah 52's references on "The Suffering Servant" prophesied the coming of Jesus Christ and his eventual suffering and death to redeem mankind from sin. Isaiah 56 exhorts the faithful to turn away from sin and wickedness. It warns that the wicked receive God's severe condemnation and that only faith can solve the spiritual needs of life.

The Book of Isaiah so influenced the New Testament Bible that it is sometimes considered the 5th Gospel. Many of Isaiah's passages sound familiar to Christians because many of the New Testament's authors were heavily inspired by it.

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