What Are Some Good Activities for Building Social Skills?


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To improve social skills, consider starting small, such as offering simple greetings and expressions of gratitude, particularly with strangers. From there, try starting casual conversations and offering compliments as often as you can, always with an effort to appear genuine and sincere in these interactions.

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The smallest gesture can make someone feel appreciated, especially when it does not seem routine or forced. When greeting a person or beginning a conversation, offer a firm handshake and a smile, and establish eye contact with the person. When basic interactions become more relaxed, consider volunteering your time with new groups of people and in new settings to expand your comfort zone. Additionally, asking people around you for advice indicates an openness to criticism and a willingness to improve.

As facility in social circumstances expands, continue increasing the size of your network, especially with crowds of people who offer knowledge and expertise in areas still challenging to you. For more adaptive conversation skills, stay up on news and cultural items that keep your input relevant. Always study the behaviors of people whose social skills you admire, and, if social anxiety is a problem, consider joining a support group targeting those issues. It may be extremely comforting to learn that there are many others dealing with the same challenges.

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