What Are Some Good 50th Wedding Anniversary Jokes?

One 50th anniversary joke starts with the husband of a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary telling his friend that he took his wife to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary. When the friend asks the husband what he is thinking about doing for their 50th, he says that he is thinking about going back to Hawaii to get her.

Another joke takes place at a 50th anniversary celebration in which the husband is telling the guests the good things about a long marriage. The husband explains that marriage has taught him to be more loyal, humble, forgiving and other traits that wouldn’t be needed if he had stayed single.

Finally, a man and a woman are about to cut their cake at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration. The husband looks like he is starting to cry while they are cutting the cake. The wife tells him that she didn’t know that he was that sentimental. The husband then asks her if she remembers that her father had given him the option of marrying his daughter or spending the next 50 years in jail 50 years ago. He explains that he was tearing up because he realizes that he could have been a free man today.