What Goes Well With Buchanan’s Whiskey?

OsakaWayne Studios/Moment/Getty Images

Buchanan’s whiskey mixes well with regular cola for a “Buchanan’s Negra.” If cherry cola is used instead, it makes a “Cherry MacGregor.” A fruity “La Buchananita,” served with a lime wedge, is made with Buchanan’s, pineapple juice and cranberry juice. A “Black Dragon” combines coffee liqueur and mint schnapps.

Buchanan’s, cognac and dry sherry mix up a “Brandy Fino.” The strong “Just Shoot Me” combines Buchanan’s, vodka, tequila, Jagermeister and bourbon. Buchanan’s, peppermint schnapps, the herbal liqueur Galliano, white creme de cacao and whipping cream create a “Highland Cream.” A spicy “Freddy Kreuger” is made from Buchanan’s, tequila, salt and pepper sauce.