Give Examples of Sociological Imagination?


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One example of sociological imagination is for a person to imagine he is living several hundred years earlier, and how that changes his perspective about present-day life. Another example is for a person to imagine he lives in a poor country where Western conveniences and comforts don't exist.

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Another example of sociological imagination is for a person to pretend that the beverage he is drinking is not just a drink but a type of social ritual. This makes the person consider the impact of the action as a means of networking or interacting with other people. It creates an idea that the beverage is not what is important, but the habit of socializing while drinking it is what matters.

Another aspect of imagining the beverage as something more than just a drink is for a person to consider why he drinks that particular beverage. For example, the person should consider that coffee or alcohol is an addictive drug. While it is a social substance in the West that is not considered illegal, it is not an acceptable substance in other cultures. The person can then imagine what substances are acceptable in those cultures, and how that substance would change social encounters.

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